NDN.Tech Software Solution is a diversified IT services company which opts software development to clients' doorstep.
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    What has made us successful is that we have a very long-term view on every client engagement. We make it our business to understand your enterprise and its direction, the complexities of your trade, your processes and operating philosophy and your priorities. This way we can offer you technology solutions that provide business value and are tailor-made for your business needs.
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    Mission Our mission is to continue to achieve a standard of excellence that inspires our customers to work with us simply because they value our work. In every project we will work with you, paying constant attention to your requirements to give you the most value for your investment.
    Statement “we will act as client's trusted advisor specializing in areas of technology and digital services to help achieve their business success”
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    People We know how hard it is to initially captivate and continue to stimulate good people. We pay attention to the needs and ambitions of our people so we can offer a work environment that attracts the best talent and keeps turnover at a minimum. Apply now to learn more about current vacancies and how you can be a part of this fast growing family.

Who We Are

NDN.Tech software solution is an certified full-service IT software development firm headquartered in the central region of India (Nagpur –Maharastra) with global delivery capabilities, providing custom software development services. Our services include eCommerce-Website development, Web site development,Product Development, Legacy Migrations, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development and more. For well over a decade we, at NDN.Tech have built a legacy of innovation and partnerships by creating smart, cutting-edge solutions for an ever-changing global marketplace.

The NDN.Tech approach is multi-tiered and multi-platform, weaving our extensive knowledge and proven track record of what “works” to build tomorrows' technical solutions for today’s business. Our solutions are customized to be consistent with your brand message and your business goals.

NDN.Tech Software Solution is a diversified IT services company which opts software development to clients' doorstep.

We assist our clients to achieve their business objectives by successfully developing their non-core business processes and functions in the areas of technology and digital marketing. We have been part of the industry since 2002 and have successfully implemented strategic development programs in the areas of custom software development, software product development, and digital marketing production services in India.

We process effective use of technology to catapult our clients to achieve their business potential.

NDN.Tech has extensive experience in providing non-core business processes - IT functions (software development, product development, sharepoint consulting and development, mobile app development, software testing, managed IT services, cloud computing solutions), Interactive (web design and development, game development), Internet Marketing (search engine optimization, paid search, display and social media marketing services), specialized R&D facilities, and non-IT functions (data entry, research, customer support, finance). NDN.Tech Software Solution is headquartered in Maharastra,India, with global delivery centers in Nagpur, Pune and over 200 professionals working worldwide.

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